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Think you’ve got what it takes to go head to head with history’s greatest tank aces?

Well, here’s your chance to try! Based on the hit television series of the same name, this game puts you in the commander’s turret – giving you the chance to test your bravery as you try to out think, out maneuver and out gun your enemy.

It’s time to take YOUR shot at re-writing history’s Greatest Tank Battles.

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about the show

Greatest Tank Battles is an action-packed 20-part series that brings to life the most gripping and monumental tank battles ever fought…

Filmed on battlefields across the world, and using stunning, ultra-realistic CGI animation and eyewitness accounts, this new original series puts viewers in the heat of the battles…

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Breakthrough New Media
Canadian Television Fund
History Television

Greatest Tank Battles is developed by Breakthrough New Media and Frima Studios in association with History Television.
Produced with the generous support of the Canadian Television Fund.